Perhaps you have visited Hawaii and have fallen in love with it, or maybe you have simply seen pictures of the magical islands and have the dream of some day going in person to taste of the Hawaiian culture. If you have decided to decorate your bedroom with a Hawaiian theme, here are some tips to make it both beautiful and unique:

The Walls - A perfect shade of paint for the walls would be soft greens, pale yellow, or eggshell blue. Off-white would also be a beautiful choice. The reason all of these colors are good selections is that they will go with every single color you choose for the rest of the decor. Another fun idea would be to have a mural on one of the walls that depicts something from the Hawaiian culture. Of course, beach scenes would be great, and so would surfers. But, if you really want something different, consider a scene that shows the skyline in Honolulu. 

The Decor - Wicker or rattan furniture would be incredible! The great part about either wicker or rattan is that they will give your bedroom an outdoor feeling. Consider natural colors, which would be beautiful with any of the paint color you selected. A floor to ceiling shelf on one of the walls would be the perfect place to place framed pictures of your visits to Hawaii. If you haven't been there, a cute touch would be to frame scenes from TV shows like the original Hawaii 5-0The Byrds of Paradise and Magnum P.I. Add beautiful shells, sailboats, and other water-related decor, too. Don't forget a ceiling fan that looks like palm leaves!

Don't Forget The Hawaiian Quilts - What will make your bedroom really stand out will be the addition of real hand-made Hawaiian quilts. One for your bed would be a beautiful focal point, but consider hanging another one on one of the walls.

Original Hawaiian quilts were actually made from the bark of different trees found on the islands. The kapa was first beaten, and then it was felted. Finally, it was dyed in different colors for the particular style that was to be created. Even though you don't have to go through that arduous process, you'll still want to keep the look of traditional Hawaiian quilts. If you have artistic skills, you can create your own designs. Otherwise, consider ordering kits. Some beautiful ones depict botanical scenes while more modern ones show ocean scenes with surfers on them. A beautiful one would be the combination of shells, birds and different flowers that are found in Hawaii.

It's important that your quilts don't receive too much exposure to the rays of the sun as the quilts could be damaged. However, selecting the right fabrics means that you can actually put the quilts in the washer and dryer, especially if you use a gentle setting on your machine. 

Have fun decorating your Hawaiian bedroom!