Hunting for coins is a bit like digging for lost treasure. This is especially true with silver coins, which are often disregarded as valuable and tossed aside in a box or bag to be found by the right person who truly knows its worth. It doesn't even have to be an old silver coin to be of value. Even the 2004 Wisconsin state quarter can be worth as much as $300. While the thrill of the chase may be part of the fun, there is only fun to be had if you know what treasure map to follow. Check out these places to go on a search for hidden and forgotten treasure in the form of valuable silver coins

1. Garage Sales - This one may seem like a place you would find secondhand clothing and household goods, but you might be surprised to learn that coins are often found hanging out at these bargaining spots. When people have a yard sale, they often do so because they need the extra tax-free cash, so don't be surprised to find a few coins lurking around. 

2. Estate Sales - Estate sales can be an all-out treasure trove of valuable and forgotten items. Don't be afraid to dig around at these estate sales and see what you can find. Merchandise at these sales is often sold by the box full or bag full just to liquidate a bunch of items at once and you never know what could be floating around in the bottom of something and forgotten.

3. Pawn Shops -  Shopping for coins at a pawn shop can be a toss up when it comes to whether or not you will be able to buy something cheap enough to make a profit. However, if you find a pawn broker who's not real familiar with coinage, you have a pretty good shot at picking up a valuable silver coin for far less than it is valued and selling it to someone else. 

4. Banks - Okay, so the bank may be the last place you would assume you should go to shop for cheap silver coins, but buying rolled coins is actually a thing. You can march right into just about any bank you choose and tell them you want to exchange cash for a roll of silver coins, whether it is dimes, nickels, or silver dollars. What they will hand over is often the same rolls other people have brought in to trade for cash. So you can search through these rolls of coins and look for hidden gems that may be much more valuable than their face amount.