If you are looking to buy a piece of musical equipment, jewelry or television at a discount, buying from a pawn shop may be a great option for you. When you buy from a pawn shop, you are able to get a used item at a fraction of the cost. But unless you frequently shop at pawn stores, you may not be sure how to get the best possible price. Here are a few tips to help you as you go about shopping for that unique and discounted item at a pawn shop. 

Know the Value of the Item You Are Looking to Buy

Before you even begin to look to score the best price on the item, take time to research the price of the item. eBay is a great resource for items like old toys or collectibles. And looking at a jewelry store helps you determine the estimated price of a similar jewelry piece. Looking up the value helps you determine what a fair price is and what others are selling similar or like items for. 


Once you know the value of the item you are looking to buy at a pawn shop, negotiate with an employee or store owner. The price you see on the tag is not the price you will have to pay. Most pawn shops allow you to negotiate. Having done your research, you can make a strong case for why the price should be lowered. Also, be sure to bring cash along with. Many pawn shops can offer you a greater discount if you are paying cash, rather than paying with a debit or credit card as they are charged a percentage of the sale by their credit card processing company. 

Be Prepared to Walk

No matter how much you love the item, be prepared to walk if you cannot get the item for a price that you think is fair. Many pawn shops would rather make a deal for a fair price than have the item continue to take up space on their shelves. But if they won't budget, there is nothing you can do at this time. Instead, walk away. If you really love the item, visit again in a few days. If the item is still available, they may be more apt to work out a deal when they see it still hasn't sold. 

Everyday, people walk into pawn shops with items of value that they are looking to sell or pawn. If they sell the item or do not pay the pawn ticket, the item goes up for sale in a pawn shop. Knowing how to score a great deal can help you get your hands on these items for a fraction of the price of buying new at a retail shop. To start looking for the item you need, check out pawn shops like Pawn World in your area.