If you have been dating your partner for a couple years and have decided to take the plunge by asking your significant other to marry you, the following scenarios can be used to pop the question in a unique and memorable way that will take your loved one by surprise.

Give Your Loved One Cryptic Directions To A Jewelry Store

Set aside funds to purchase an engagement ring and stash the money in a wallet that is hidden inside of your vehicle's glove compartment. Write a list of cryptic directions that will aid in your loved one winding up at a jewelry store that you have chosen to purchase their ring from. For example, if there are some public venues located near the store that you and your loved one tend to go to, provide a description of each place and give details concerning what direction to turn or how many steps to take once arriving at each location.

Drive your vehicle to the jewelry store and call your partner to ask them to begin following the clues. Once your loved one arrives at the store, ask them to place a blindfold over their eyes. Lead your partner into the shop and ask the jeweler to place the ring that you have chosen on top of one of the jewelry cases. At this point, remove the blindfold from your partner's eyes and ask them if they will marry you. 

Purchase A Ring And Trinket Box And Place The Items In A Bag

Stop by a jewelry store during a time that your partner is not around and request to see several rings that interest you. Take your time observing the rings so that you can select one that your loved one will be sure to like. If you are unaware of your partner's ring size, take a ring from their jewelry box when they are not at home or are occupied completing a household task.

After purchasing a ring that is perfectly sized, place the jewelry in a trinket box before setting the box inside of a fancy gift bag. During a romantic evening with your significant other, hand them the bag and do not say anything until your partner has opened the trinket box and viewed the ring. At this point, your loved one will probably realize your intentions and you can formally ask your partner if they will marry you. 

Take Your Partner To Their Favorite Restaurant

After purchasing an engagement ring, keep the ring in a small jewelry box prior to asking your partner to marry you. Make reservations for dinner at your significant other's favorite restaurant. Call the restaurant to inquire if you can have the ring brought out on a platter after your loved one places their order.

If the staff at the restaurant is agreeable, hand the ring to the host or hostess who leads you and your partner to a table. Try to be discreet as you do this. After your partner orders their meal, they will be surprised when one of the servers brings them the engagement ring.