Shadowbox frames feature enclosed with a glass front and can hold and display small, meaningful objects along with pictures and artwork. You can purchase an empty frame and make your own creative design for personalized home decor.

The box-style frames come in a wide variety of colors and finishes, such as natural light or dark wood, white or black, depending on your decorating preferences. If you can find the exact box frame hue that you want, you can paint a plain wood one using acrylic craft or spray paint. Some color ideas include pink or blue for a baby nursery, red for a cafe-themed kitchen, or blue or lavender for a spa-inspired bathroom. 

You can easily customize the look of the frame using collectibles, seashells, your child's artwork or any other personal item to create one-of-a-kind wall decor. The hand-crafted frames also make thoughtful gifts for any occasion, including birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, graduations, bridal and baby showers, and housewarmings. 

Here are some creative shadow box frame ideas to get you started:

1. Beach-Themed Frame

If you live in a beach house or just want to give your landlocked home a breezy, waterfront vibe, make a frame using vacation treasures. You can start by placing a beloved beach photo in the frame, and then fill the bottom with a bit of sand. Place small seashells and pieces of sea glass on top of the sand to create a mini beach scene.

As another option, use matting in a tropical shade of turquoise, coral or yellow, and attach a large sand dollar or starfish to the center for a simple-yet-sophisticated look. This design will look best with a white or distressed wood frame.

2. Baby-Inspired Frame

If you're making a shadow box frame for your nursery or are making one for a friend's baby shower, start with either pink or blue matting. You can also pick a color that coordinates with a specific theme, such as green for a garden-inspired scheme.

Next, attach a baby or ultrasound picture to the matting, along with any themed die-cut shapes, including butterflies, flowers or trains. You can also fill the frame with mini pacifiers, rattles, rubber ducks or other infant-inspired items.

As another idea, use a shadow box frame to display keepsake items, such as baby's hospital card, hat or booties.

3. Wedding-Themed Frame

Commemorate your wedding with a shadow box frame filled with your favorite photos of the big day, an invitation, a local newspaper announcement or dried bouquet flowers. A larger frame could even hold a ring bearer's pillow, jewelry, or shoes. 

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