Give a gift that reflects a love of landscaping to someone special this season. If you care about your own yard and garden, consider some sensible and sought-after items to foster anappreciation of your home's exteriors.

Six great ideas for a landscaping- lover are:

  1. Solar fountains. The perfect gift for someone who enjoys their outdoor spaces is a Solar fountain. These are found widely and are solar-powered, which means you can put them in a lot of unique places to add panache to the property. Check out some of the fantastic fountains, both tabletop and free-standing sizes, online or at home and garden retailers.
  2. Yard cart.  Protect your gift-recipient from strain by giving them a lightweight and easy-to-pull yard cart. These are usually a bit cheaper than a wheelbarrow and the two or four-wheel styles make them easier to tug and load for small chores or tasks.
  3. Herb boxes. Create and plant an herb box for someone special. Start with an inexpensive window-box, made from wood, plastic, or even metal; fill with quality topsoil and add seedlings of various plants that thrive together. For instance, plant parsley, basil, and chives together.
  4. Concrete art. Give a sweet gift to improve curb appeal, like concrete yard art. You can find statues and figures widely and the low-cost of concrete means that these are affordable.
  5. Rain gauge. A clever and low-cost gift idea for the landscape-lover is a quality rain- gauge. These small devices stick in the ground, window-box, or plant, and measure the total liquid precipitation over a period. These are found in a variety of styles including those with large print measurements for easy reading.
  6. Rain barrel. Give a wink and nod to the environment by giving the gift of a rain barrel for the yard or garden. These barrels typically contain a screen to keep out dirt, debris, and insects, while allowing containment of pure, unadulterated rainwater, which is often used for many things, from cooking and cleaning vegetables to composting and watering plants.

Visit home and garden sites to find these six gift items or check out your favorite home improvement venue for additional options.

Got someone who loves their landscaping? Give them a gift that will garner excitement and appreciation with these six suggestions. From solar water fountains to rain gauges, give something that fosters a love of their landscaping – and that will help them to keep it beautiful and well-maintained.