Your husband - your confidant, your closest ally, and also one of the biggest pranksters you know. Now that your anniversary is approaching and he has asked you to make reservations at your favorite restaurant and to drop his best outfit at the dry cleaners, it is the perfect opportunity to play a trick on him. Of course, only do this if you are certain that your loved one will be understanding after he has been tricked.

Plan Each Variable

This trick involves buying an anniversary gift for your partner, making the reservations that have been requested, and ensuring that the outfit in question is laundered and pressed. It also involves purchasing a similar outfit that is a smaller size and asking a friend or relative to call your home right before you and your spouse are due to leave for the restaurant.

The person who is chosen to call should be prepped so that they verbalize that your reservation has been cancelled, due to unforeseen circumstances that are going to make it impossible for you and your spouse to have a spot to sit while dining at the establishment. This person should pretend to be an employee of the restaurant.

Handle the gift buying, reservation, and dry cleaning requirements first. Then, coincide the offering of the smaller outfit and the false phonecall so that all of the trick parts of the situation occur before you and your spouse are due to head to the restaurant.

Keep A Couple Things In Mind

You need to be aware of the store where your spouse purchased the outfit that is going to be dry cleaned, in case you do not already know. Bring the name of the store up nonchalantly right after your spouse asks you to have his outfit cleaned and pressed. State that you really love the outfit and that you were curious where he purchased it.

Make sure that you can either take the smaller outfit that you are going to purchase back to the store for a refund or that you have someone who you can give it to as a gift. Obviously, purchasing a smaller outfit will only set you back financially if it cannot be returned or if there is nobody who you know who will be grateful to own it. 

Remain Composed During The Trick Phase

Prepare what you are going to say to your husband and how you are going to react when he receives the phone call about the reservation being cancelled. It is crucial that you remain composed throughout the joke if you really want your husband to fall for the prank. Prior to your spouse's arrival home from work, hang his freshly-laundered and pressed outfit in the back of your closet. Lay the smaller-sized outfit across your bed.

Once your husband arrives home, he will likely want to get ready for dinner. Tell your husband that you were short on time and decided to wash and dry the outfit at home and you hope that the clothing didn't shrink. After your husband tries on the outfit, he will see that it doesn't fit. At about this time, the phone call will occur. Allow your husband to answer the phone.

After your husband hangs up the phone, act deeply disappointed and apologetic about the cancelled reservation and the smallness of the outfit. A minute or two later, retrieve the original outfit and tell your husband that you were only tricking him. Give him his anniversary gift before heading out to celebrate your anniversary with him.

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