With all the "buzz" of legalizing marijuana in the news today, more progress is being made with making CBD and CBD oil products legal to pave the way for the sale of marijuana in a lot of states. If your state has legalized CBD but not marijuana just yet, you can at least try this marijuana-derivative for almost everything that ails you. One of these products, lozenges, are easy to use, and the medicinal effects are delivered slowly as the lozenge dissolves in your mouth. You may see labels on the lozenges as "Full Spectrum," "Nano," or "Hemp CBD," which can be really confusing. Before you purchase any CBD products, it helps to know what these labels mean so that you can be a well-informed consumer and be well after consuming.

What the Labels Mean

Nano​ means two things in the case of the lozenges. It means A) that the product is very small in size, and B) it means a brand name. Do not let the size of the product fool you, however. If you choose a full spectrum product, you get more medicinal CBD properties than you would in a hemp CBD lozenge.

​Full spectrum​ means that instead of just one particular property of CBD, you are getting all of the other cannabinoids found in hemp. All of these cannabinoids together pack a bigger health punch than the CBD oil alone. In addition to the oil, you are also getting cannabinol, cannabidiol acid, cannabigerol, THCV, and a few more important properties with chemical names too long to mention. 

Hemp CBD​ means that the oil of the female hemp plant is extracted through a boil-down of plant to a resin state, where it is made into just the cannabidiol oil, and nothing else. While this is still useful in the control of many health problems, the more serious health issues need the full spectrum version. Be sure to read the label for contents on the products you want to purchase if you are trying to find pain and sickness relief from things like cancer or arthritis rather than just a calming effect for anti-anxiety. 

Why Lozenges

​It should not surprise you that CBD in any form is not exactly tasty. Even when hash oil is baked into brownies or made into chocolate, you can taste something at the back of your tongue that is just weird. The same holds true for CBD products. Some people like the taste, saying it is similar to thyme and oregano, with its bitterness. Other people cannot ingest it because the taste is too much. By placing CBD in a dissolving lozenge, the taste can be hidden with various extracts of the mint and/or lemon/citrus family, making the lozenges more palatable. 

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