When you receive an invitation to a housewarming party, you probably start to think about what type of gift to buy. Selecting a thoughtful gift can be a little overwhelming, and not knowing what others are purchasing makes it even more challenging to find a unique gift. A candle lantern from a company such as St Michel's Gifts will solve your gift-giving dilemma, and it's a gift any homeowner will be able to use in any room.

Candle lanterns are versatile

If you are looking for a true one-size-fits-all gift, a candle lantern will fit the description. From the bedroom to the kitchen, candle lanterns are attractive home décor items. Whether the homeowner wants to use the lantern for a kitchen table centerpiece or to provide ambient light for a romantic touch in the bedroom, a candle lantern won't disappoint.

Candle lanterns are practical

With the popularity of battery powered candles, lanterns can double as extra lighting in poorly lit areas without the fear of fire caused by traditional candles. For instance, a lantern can be placed in a dim hallway or bathroom to provide light for safer nighttime trips to the kitchen or bathroom. A small decorative lantern makes a great substitute for a nightlight in a child's room or a nursery.

Candle lanterns are perfect for any budget

You don't have to spend a fortune on a housewarming gift when you select a candle lantern. A small, less expensive lantern looks as elegant as a larger one, and you can make your gift as simple or as elaborate as your budget allows. The lantern alone makes a lovely gift, but you can place the lantern on a wooden tray or charger plate and add silk flowers or greenery to dress it up if desired.

Candle lanterns match any decorating theme

From farmhouse style to cottage style, lanterns will enhance any decorating theme. A rustic, wooden lantern will bring simple ambient light to a country or farm-themed home. Choose a white or weathered lantern if the home is decorated in a cottage or beach theme.

If you're not familiar with the design theme of the home, there's no need to worry. Select a lantern in a neutral color, such as gray, white, black, or brown. These neutral colors will work well with any decorating theme or interior home color.

When it comes to great housewarming gift ideas, you can't go wrong with a practical and versatile candle lantern. A candle lantern is a gift you will feel proud to give and a gift the recipient will be able to find plenty of ways to use all around the house.