If you're remodeling your bathroom and have your mind set on adding a two-person bathtub to the space, there are a number of different styles of tubs that you'll want to evaluate. A two-person bathtub can be a major focal point for an en-suite bathroom, but it's a good idea to acquaint yourself with some pros and cons of this fixture before you move forward. If the pros outweigh the cons for you, you can buy one. If not, you can look for a different type of tub.

Pro: It Encourages Time Together

If you and your significant other have busy lives, you may find that it's challenging to set aside quality time together. For example, perhaps you're both so busy during the workday, and then dealing with your children's activities in the evening, and you can't wait to get into bed and fall asleep. A two-person bathtub encourages quality time together. After you've made this investment, you may make it a priority to use the tub together.

Con: It Takes Up A Lot Of Space

In terms of its square footage, a two-person bathtub is significantly larger than a standard tub. This means that it won't work in every bathroom, simply because it's too large. Unless your en-suite bathroom is massive, it may be difficult to justify devoting floor space to this fixture.

Pro: It Promotes Relaxation

Many people in today's society cite stress as one of their biggest issues. Having a bath is a healthy way to reduce your stress, especially if you turn the lights down low, light a candle, and make a point of soaking for an extended period of time. Most couples can afford to relax more, and it can be nice to do so together. Having a two-person bathtub gives you a simple way to add some relaxation to your lives every day or two.

Con: It Uses A Lot Of Water

Paying for your two-person tub isn't done once you buy it. This fixture also has a cost associated with its use — namely in the amount of water that it requires. Two-person tubs use a lot more water than their standard counterparts, so if you live in an area in which you pay a lot for water, or for the electricity to heat your water, you may be leery about buying a tub that will potentially raise both bills. Remember, if a two-person tub isn't optimal for you, there are many other bathtubs to consider.

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