Whether you regularly have guests over for dinner or you'd like to start, you'll need the right equipment for the job. Throwing a nice, relaxing dinner party requires the right tableware and flatware. Here are four things every host should have in their cupboard for entertaining.

1. A Beautiful Plate Set

You may have served your guests on mismatched plates from the thrift store in college, but when you're entertaining as an adult, it's nice to have a matching plate set. Take some care in selecting a plate set, since it can last you years. Hasami plate sets are great due to their versatility. They're modular, which means they're easy to stack and store, and each piece can fulfill multiple functions. This is a great bonus for anyone who's looking to save on space in their cupboards. Hasami porcelain plate sets are glazed with a beautiful finish. They have a unique and beautiful Japanese aesthetic.

2. Quality Flatware

You likely already have flatware in your house, since most people use forks, spoons, and knives in their daily lives. However, economy flatware doesn't provide the most ideal dining experience. Cheap flatware can become tarnished due to water damage. It also feels flimsy in the hand, and it can bend or warp under pressure. When you're upgrading your dining set, take the time to purchase high-quality flatware. You don't need to purchase silverware, but your flatware should at least be made of stainless steel. Purchase utensils that feel heavy and substantial in your hand, and they will last you a long time.

3. A Wine Decanter

Decanting wine makes for a better drinking experience. It can improve the flavor of more inexpensive wines by aerating the wine and allowing it to breathe. When shopping for a wine decanter, look for a simple one with classic, clean lines. Wine decanters should be made of glass, since plastic can become stained over time and absorb unwanted odors. Look for a decanter that is sturdy enough to handle a little wear and tear.

4. Wine Markers

Most dinner parties don't take place solely at the dinner table. Guests usually like to mingle before and after the meal. During this time, it's easy for wine glasses to get mixed up. Make sure everyone keeps their own glass by investing in wine markers. They come in the form of charms that can be hung around the stem of each wine glass. Each wine marker looks different, so they will help your guests differentiate their own glasses from others.