When you tell your friends that you are going to Paris for the holidays, they are probably super impressed, aren't they? Then you probably get a chuckle out of those same people when you tell them that you're going to Paris, TX, and that you won't be seeing the famous Eiffel Tower after all.

Paris, TX, might not be as sophisticated as Paris, France, but you can still have a lot of fun while you're there. Will you be going there to stay with close friends or family members? No matter the scenario, from buying Paris, Texas T-shirts to getting to really know the town, here are some ideas that might help you to have a fun and memorable stay while you are in Paris.

Buy Paris, TX, T-Shirts - You are planning on taking souvenirs home with you from your stay aren't you? If so, head to a store that sells Paris, TX, T-shirts. You'll find an abundance of designs. For example, you might select a T-shirt that has a depiction of the Eiffel Tower on the front of the shirt, along with the words, Paris, TX, as part of the design. Or, you might select a T-shirt that has the shape of the state of Texas and a star along with the word "Paris" as the focus of the design. 

Fortunately, Paris T-shirts are so affordable that you can buy several of them to take to friends and family members back home. They come in different colors and sizes, too. That means you can take a tiny Paris T-shirt to a baby or a huge one to a teenager who will use the shirt as a nightgown. 

Things To Do In Paris - Look for museums that tell about the history of Paris, Texas. You'll be surprised at the wonderful gift shops and art galleries that you will find in this charming town. But don't stop there. Check out the local library and the bakeries. Go to the grocery store where you can buy things like jalapeño jelly and honey from Paris, TX. 

As you go into different places while you're in Paris, you'll find that, besides the local attractions, the best part of Paris, TX, is the people who live there. You'll be welcomed as though you were a family member. And, if you wear one of the Paris shirts you purchased, you'll show those folks that you are already a big fan of their lovely town. 

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