Many people buy custom print shirts because they belong to a sports league or want them for work morale. However, maybe you want a customized shirt just for yourself. T-shirts are already a reflection of your personality, identity, and interests. So, rather than go to the store and buy the same shirt 20 other men have, consider the following ideas for a custom T-shirt.

Personal Slogan

Many of the most popular T-shirts feature slogans or sayings. If you have a saying that speaks to your philosophy, you could have it printed onto a shirt. If you don't have a personal slogan, look to some of your favorite songs for inspiration. You'll also be able to choose the lettering to make the T-shirt even more personalized.

Travel Photo

Another personal idea is to choose a photo you've taken. Many people take the majority of their pictures when they travel, so that would be a good option. Look for a bold image that reminds you of your trip. You don't have to choose the most iconic landmark from your travels. A photo of a barstool where you tossed back a few beers might be more meaningful to you.

Graphic Image

Graphic T-shirts are also very popular, especially in men's style. Graphics can showcase anything from animals to food to abstract art. With graphic T-shirts, you can also play with scale. For example, instead of the image centered neatly on the shirt, you can expand it even to the point you see only part of the image. You can also change the position of the graphic so it's off-center.

Personal Art

Perhaps you're an artist yourself. Instead of using someone else's graphic design, consider making one yourself. If you have an art style you practice, focus on that. Conversely, you can use photo editing software to take an existing image and turn it into a personal art piece. You have a wide range of styles including comic, abstract, and poster.

Declaration of Love

The most personal idea for a custom print T-shirt is to make a declaration of love. Your declaration can relate to another person, but it could also be for a pet or hobby. You could even state your love for an item of food. Your declaration can be as simple as your pronoun with a heart picture. Conversely, you could make a grander statement, such as "Hockey is life."

When you make your next clothing purchase, consider implementing one of the above ideas for a custom shirt. For more ideas, work with custom print shirt companies like Premium Direct to Garment Printing Services, LLC.