If you are looking for ideas for a fun family day out, look no further than your local shopping center or mall. From great food to the latest movies, shopping centers are packed with fun adventures the entire family will enjoy. With a little planning before you head out the door, your day out is sure to be one filled with fun and overflowing with memories.

Pick a date and time

When picking a date and time, choose a date when you don't have a lot of other activities going on. This is especially important if you have young children who may get overwhelmed when they miss naps or when their bedtime schedule is interrupted. Plan to get the kids to bed on time the night before your trip to the shopping center to avoid dealing with tired and cranky toddlers or teens.

Check your budget

Set a realistic budget and stick to it. Planning your budget ahead will prevent spending regrets later that can put a damper on your day. Discuss your budget with the family to avoid impulse purchases when you arrive at the shopping center.

It's also a good idea to give each child a specific amount of spending money to use. This is a great way to teach young children about budgeting and allows them to have some independence when shopping. Make sure each child has a purse or wallet to store their money in when shopping.

Decide where to eat

Waiting until your outing to decide where to eat can be difficult, as multiple family members may have their own favorite foods. Arguing over where to eat can ruin your day and waste time. Visit your shopping center's website to see what options you have for restaurants and determine what works best for your family before you arrive.

Plan to document your day

Pick a special photo album to dedicate to your day out. If desired, you may wish to designate someone to be the photographer or encourage all family members to take lots of photos with their cell phones. Head to a photo center at the end of your shopping center trip and print out all the photos to put in your album when you arrive home.

Planning a fun day at the local shopping center with your family is a great way to spend time together and make memories that will last forever. Malls provide fun for all age groups from toddlers to teens. It's a perfect outing for any season, and you never have to worry about the weather forcing you to cancel your plans.