When you are new to the world of being a witch and witchcraft, it can feel easy to get overwhelmed or even discouraged. After all, there is a great deal to explore and learn, and you may just feel like you are never going to find your way. However, do not be discouraged. Every witch finds their own path eventually. One of the keys is to have the right witchcraft supplies to help get you started. There are some supplies that every witch needs in their arsenal at any given time. Get to know some of these all-important witchcraft supplies so you can get them and get your practice started right away. 

Candles in Various Colors

One of the biggest supplies that you will need in order to practice most forms of witchcraft is candles. Candles are not just pretty or for lighting and ambiance in witchcraft, though. They are also used in a wide variety of spells. 

So, be sure that you not only get candles, but also get them in a variety of colors — get basic black and white candles as well as some colors like red (for love), green (for money), and so on and so forth. The more candles the better. 

And while taller candles or tapers are preferred, you can use candles of any size in your spell work and witchcraft practices. You also do not have to get them at an expensive specialty shop. Getting witchcraft supplies online or through discount stores is perfectly fine as well. The candles will have magic because you imbue magic into them, not because you paid a hefty price for them. 


Having herbs around is also important for the beginner witch. Herbs, again, are used in many spells, are used for cleaning spaces, and are used for protection and the like. Rosemary and sage are two herbs you should always have on hand as a witch. 

Sage can be used in spell work but is also burned to cleanse your space, to cast your circle sometimes, and more. Always have plenty around in various forms including burnable bundles and even just dried herbs for spells. 

And while it's not an herb, do not forget to keep a large supply of salt around for casting spells and circles in your magical practice. 


Crystals are another important part of the magical practice. They can help in a variety of ways. You can use a crystal for scrying, for example. Crystals can be used in spells and they each have their own unique magical properties. 

If you cannot afford to buy a bunch of crystals to start out with, just get a clear quartz crystal. They can be used in spells and in magic as a replacement for other crystals required for the spell. This makes it versatile for you in your magical practice, as you can use it in many different spells and castings. 

Now that you know some of the witchcraft supplies every new witch needs, you can get to shopping for your supplies right away.