A versatile piece of jewelry looks great with your work clothes, is perfect for a date night cocktail dress, and can dress up your weekend jeans and t-shirt. Instead of buying plastic costume jewelry, choose an elite Shungite pendant necklace as a signature piece that will compliment your finest frocks or most casual yoga outfit. This intriguing mineraloid will turn heads and catch the attention of anyone nearby. Most elite Shungite pendant necklaces are rich dark gray or black that coordinate effortlessly with all of your favorite clothes. Shungite is either matte or polished and can easily be shaped into different types of jewelry. The most popular is the elite Shungite pendant necklace.

Perhaps you have heard that Shungite has healing properties or that it balances the mind and body simply by being worn. Shungite is an element that can bring joy to you when worn as an accessory. Shungite is composed mainly of carbon and should be handled with care. Elite Shungite is composed of 98 percent carbon, making it a bit more rare and unique than just Shungite. It will certainly bring joy to anyone whom you give it to as a special gift, be it for a birthday or other important holiday. While it is not a typical rare or expensive gem, it is absolutely a distinctive stone, completely natural, and very appropriate for everyone, from your grandmother to your vegetarian best friend. Your rock collecting friends will also be intrigued by its origins and peculiar geologic structure and formation. It is important to note that Shungite can be fragile. Handle it with care so that you do not chip or break your jewelry.

Elite Shungite jewelry is not hard to find; your online merchants, as well as your local gem and mineral shop, are the best places to look. That said, elite Shungite, an ancient mineral thought to possibly have healing properties, is hard to find when you consider it is found in only one part of the world. Shungite comes from the shores of Lake Onega in a small village in Russia. But you need not travel far to acquire your very own piece of this exotic stone. Make sure you verify with your mineral merchant to validate the authenticity of your elite Shungite pendant necklace, as you will want to have confidence in knowing that your purchase is the real thing.

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