All you have to do is walk down the aisle at your local pharmacy, and it becomes clear that choosing a lotion is a lot harder than just reaching for the prettiest bottle. There are lotions with strong scents, lotions with light scents, those made with natural ingredients, and others made with lab-produced formulas. Every lotion has its own, unique purpose and benefits. So when might you benefit from using a lotion that is unscented and made with organic ingredients? Take a look.

1. You suffer from eczema.

Eczema is a complex skin condition, and it can have many different triggers. Some people break out in a dry, itchy rash when they get too much sun, and others break out when they eat certain foods. A really common trigger, though, is the scent ingredients in a lot of lotions. They trigger eczema breakouts in a lot of patients, and they can make existing breakouts worse. Switching to an unscented, organic lotion ensures you won't be exposed to these chemicals, which can help keep your eczema better under control.

2. You want to support a healthier planet.

People often buy organic products with their own health in mind. But buying organic is about caring for the planet, too. Organic lotions are made with ingredients that were grown without pesticides and other harsh chemicals. This helps reduce the amount of pesticides in runoff, which is better for water-dwelling creatures. It's even better for the insects and small animals living around the farms where the lotion ingredients are grown! If taking better care of the planet is high on your list of priorities, then unscented, organic lotion belongs in your cart.

3. Someone close to you is sensitive to scents.

Some people really love the scents of various specialty lotions. Other people are more than turned off by these scents. They might get headaches from them, or they may start sneezing. While any unscented lotion is a decent choice when you're around people sensitive to scents, organic options are truly the best bet. Some non-organic lotions may have some mild, underlying chemical scents, but organic lotions should be even cleaner and pure-smelling.

The next time you are shopping for lotion, keep your eyes out for organic, unscented options. This type of lotion works really well if you spend time with someone sensitive to scents, if you have eczema, or if you want to make greener choices.

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