When you visit a clothing boutique that specializes in women's apparel, you'll often notice a wide selection of garments that are made of cashmere wool. Some of these garments can feature 100 percent cashmere, while others can include a blend of this type of wool and cotton. Popular examples of cashmere clothing include sweaters, hoodies, and ponchos — each of which may be appealing to you for use during the fall, winter, and spring months. If you haven't previously owned a cashmere garment, here are some reasons that you may favor this type of clothing.

1. Softness

Perhaps the biggest advantage of wearing a piece of cashmere clothing is that this garment is extremely soft. When you touch something made of cashmere and compare it to how other garments feel, there's little question that the softness of the cashmere will stand out. Many people like the feeling of soft clothing. For example, if you favor wearing a sweater without a shirt under it, you'll appreciate how the cashmere is soft against your skin instead of feeling slightly scratchy. Similarly, a garment with a high neck will feel soft against your neck and jaw, unlike certain garments made with some other types of wool.

2. Lightweight

Another thing that you'll notice as soon as you handle a piece of cashmere clothing is how light this type of wool is. If you've ever worn sweaters made of other types of wool, you might have been aware of their weight pressing against your body. This won't be a concern when you switch to cashmere garments. Because these garments are thinner than many other wool garments, they'll be light on your body. If you travel a lot and plan to take some cashmere shirts with you, you'll also appreciate the lightweight nature of these garments because they won't unnecessarily weigh down your luggage.

3. Warmth Without Bulk

Even though cashmere garments are often on the thinner side, you shouldn't make the mistake of assuming that this clothing won't provide you with enough warmth. Another reason that many people favor cashmere apparel is the warmth of this type of wool. If you're the type of person who often feels cold throughout the winter, you may find that you're a lot toastier when you dressed in something made of cashmere. While other wool garments can also be warm, they tend to be bulkier than cashmere, which may make them less desirable to some people. Browse a selection of cashmere apparel online or at a clothing boutique.

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