If you are getting ready to remodel your bathroom, one component you will want to change is the faucets. The faucets may not be the biggest fixture in the bathroom, but they do stand out and pull together the overall style and feel of your bathroom. There are a few different overall styles to choose from and then various options within each style when it comes to bathroom faucets

Type #1: Center Set 

A center set faucet is one of the most classic types of faucets used in bathrooms. With a center set, you use two handles to control the temperature. You can control how much hot and cold water are mixed together, or you can choose just to use hot or cold water. All the handles and faucets are part of one unified piece.  

The faucet has a short spout that extends only slightly over the sink. It is positioned in the middle of the sink. Hence the name center set allows you to easily wash your hands and keep the water inside the sink.  

Type #2: Single Handle

A single handle faucet only has one handle that you use to control it. You control both the water pressure and the water temperature with that handle. You can access cold, hot, or warm water depending on which direction you move the handle. You can also increase and decrease the pressure by raising or lowering the handle.  

A single-handle faucet comes with a very small mount. That means you have to perform minimal drilling to put the faucet in place. That also means that it will not take up that much space, so this is a great option if you are looking to save on counter space.  

Type #3: Spread Fit 

A spread fit faucet is similar to a center set in that it has two handles that control the temperature and pressure, and the spout is in the middle of the configuration. How it differs is that the pieces are not connected together. Each piece sticks out on its own. This allows you to determine how you want to put it.  

You can place the handles as close or as far away from the spout as you want, as long as they have space to turn. This arrangement can be more visually appealing than a center set, where all three of these pieces are connected together. It is mounted on the counter, usually in the middle of the sink.  

Type #4: Wall Mount 

Another option is a wall-mounted unit. Instead of putting it on the counter, a wall-mounted unit goes directly into the wall. This is a solid option if your sink is really close to the wall. It is also a good option if you are looking for something that is visually a little different.  

There are just four of the various styles you can consider for your bathroom skin faucet. Each style comes in a range of different colors and designs. Think about where you want your faucet mounted and how you want to space it out to pick the best style for your needs.