The oil that is derived from the wood of evergreen tree species is often used to make perfume products. Sandalwood that is combined with cedarwood promotes an earthy scent that both women and men can enjoy wearing. If you are looking for a new signature scent, shop for a perfume product that contains natural ingredients.

A Distillation Process

Evergreen trees are harvested to create furniture, fencing, decking, aromatic oils, perfumes, and more. A distillation process is used to collect oil that will eventually be used to create a line of perfume products. A dry distillation process is conducted solely with heat. A hydro distillation process involves packing tree materials in a vessel and adding water to them. Then the two components are heated up. A steam process utilizes steam that is combined with tree materials. With any of these distillation methods, oil is extracted from the wood of a tree.

Perfume Versus Cologne

Perfume products tend to have a higher concentration of oil in them than cologne products. Both perfumes and colognes are equally effective at promoting a scent. Reviewing the oil concentration within a product will indicate the strength of a product. If you want to wear a product that will provide a scent that will last all day long, purchasing a concentrated perfume product will be your best option.

Some products that manufacturers sell are labeled as unisex ones. A product that is marketed for men may be listed as a cologne product. A product that is marketed for women may be listed as a perfume product. A 50 ml bottle size is a conventional one that will provide plenty of opportunities to enjoy a fragrance. 

Product Types

A perfume product may come in a glass bottle that contains a spray attachment. A roll-on perfume product may be advertised as a travel fragrance product. This type of product is designed to be rubbed across the pulse points or dabbed along the neck or other targeted parts of the body. A sandalwood cedar perfume promotes a scent that can be appreciated during any season of the year.

If you enjoy layering scents on your body, consider shopping for sandalwood cedarwood gift sets. Sets may contain soap, lotion, cream, perfume, and powder that all contain sandalwood and cedarwood essential oils. During the manufacturing of each product, oil may be mixed with other ingredients that are being used to formulate each product that is contained in a gift set. 

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