A magnetic coaching clipboard is a must-have item for any serious baseball or softball coach. This clipboard allows you to keep your team's batting lineup organized, which is especially important at the younger levels of the game when players can need frequent reminders of when it's their turn to bat. When you shop for one of these clipboards, you might primarily be thinking about a product that is designed to allow you to display your batting order with small, labeled magnets. There are other elements that you'll want in the clipboard you choose, including these things.

Defensive Alignment

The best magnetic coaching clipboards also have a space for your team's defensive alignment. Commonly, this part of the clipboard will be designed to look like a baseball or softball diamond. Once you've decided what position you want each of your players to play, you can place labeled magnets on the diamond. For example, if a young athlete named Sarah is playing left field, you'll write her name on a magnet and position it in the left field area of the diamond diagram. When you make a substitution at any point in the game, you'll simply remove one player's magnet and put another in its place.

Coaching Notes

As you watch your team play, you'll often observe certain things that you want to discuss. While you might pull a player aside during the game and speak to them, you may wish to save other discussions for your next practice. It's handy if you choose a magnetic coaching clipboard that has a designated space for coaching notes. You can jot down a few keywords with a dry-erase marker in this section of the board so that you can easily recall what you wish to discuss with your team at a later date.

Pitch Log

At many youth levels, pitchers can only throw a certain number of pitches per game. These rules are designed to protect young pitchers' arms from overuse. Baseball and softball coaches must keep track of how many pitchers their pitchers have thrown. It's handy if your coaching clipboard has an area in which you can note this information. For example, you'll see products that have a place for you to list your pitchers and then fill out their number of pitches in a small space beside their name. Keep these useful things in mind when you shop for a magnetic coaching clipboard to use with your baseball or softball team.

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